The Success story of Arihant Fashion

Launched in 1962 as a small shop by the Jain brothers, Arihant fashion best suit wholesaler in Chandni Chowk has now a decent place in a best wholesale market in Delhi. The small shop has now gone into an expansion mode with efforts and dedication. After fighting a downturn in the industry of fashion, now Arihant fashion is a success. It has not only increased its offline presence as a wholesale shop in Delhi but also going omnichannel with its e-commerce website. This has come up with fashionable stylish ladies suits with dupatta, wedding lehnga and many other dresses for both casual and formal occasions. It is providing all types of women dress materials like suits, gowns and cotton stylish Kurtis at very reasonable rates. People are an important part of any business to become a success. For the Jain cloth shop, small vendors also play a significant role. Providing them with the finest suitable style with convenience and guarantee makes the Jain shop a flourishing wholesale shop in Delhi.

Starting of a journey with a cloth shop in Delhi

The journey of the Arihant Fashion began with a small shop in Delhi name “Parkash Chand Parmod Kumar” in 1962 whose owner was Parkash Chand Jain. He had just one thought in mind to make a garment and to sell it in the market to get profit. He aspired to create a fashion store that embodied passion, creativity and youthfulness. The first year was intense for them to establish a wholesale shop in Delhi. Growth is an essential part of business, and the next part is to sustain it beautifully. With the vast knowledge in the field of garment processing and passion to grow business in the market, he grew by building a new shop in 1980 having owners Mr Parmod Kumar Jain and Mr Ravinder Kumar Jain. Both these owners jointly work not only to raise their business but also to maintain it delightfully for a decade by giving their 100% to the business and make their shop a superior wholesale shop in Delhi.  Their hard work resulted in two new fashion structures “Abhinav Collection” and “Akansha Collection” in 1990 whose owners were Mr Parmod Kumar Jain and Brother Mr Ravinder Kumar Jain.

Addition of a new partner in a business

TThere comes a drastic but new change in business with the addition of a new business partner “Mr Dipanshu Jain” in 2000. This add on gave the escalation to the trade with a new showroom named “Arihant fashion” with the partnership of three owners “Mr Parmod Kumar Jain”, Mr Ravinder Kumar Jain” and the new one “Mr Dipanshu Jain”. They tried to benefit the society and customers in more than one way by adding new designs, a new fantastic look to the shop as a showroom, new facilities to the customers with the trend, fashion and many more add. They managed to achieve what most of the entrepreneurship members only think of. They began to research the market-style and the related designs for clothing, they realised that they were developing a true passion for it. This quote is suitable for Arihant fashion to become a special part for the best wholesale market in Delhi that “Opportunities don’t happen. You are the one who create them”. Jain family proved to be a success in the hard competition of ladies fashion in the capital Delhi.

the Step towards the online business

In 2010 Arihant fashion started its online business worldwide. They launched their website and initiated delivery services not only in India but all over the world. They believed that “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” So the company decided to come out from offline stores to online commerce. The company devoted to web development, marketing, researching, advertisements and the most important quality. It’s just over no time that Arihant fashion became its place in e-commerce with full-fledged team of developers, designers and market strategies spread across the globe. As the owner Jain group is responsible for taking care of the online clients and customers and guiding the creative team to success. Now, this is not the only showroom in the best wholesale market in Delhi, but the best online business in fashion. Authenticity is the key for an online business to grow. The best-selected team for their e-commerce business work for the trade and the target audience. They represent the cloth material available on the website in such a way to attract the people and small businessmen towards it. They set benchmarks for themselves and also for their products and always try to exceed them to reach the hearts of the customers.

Our social partners for e-commerce business

As the new technologies has replaced the status of traditional industry and way of advertisements of the product. Now the purpose of the online market trend is to focus on serving and not in selling. Social partners are the group that cooperate in working relationships to achieve mutually agreed goals and typically for the benefit of the business. Social partners have a vital role to play in reaching out to workers and owners, increasing the representation of their membership ensuring deeper and broader benefits of the company. Social partners to make “Arihant Fashion” a brand in a best wholesale market in Delhi and also worldwide are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, GMB, Indiamart, Flipkart and last but least Amazon.