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Can Winter Wear Give Elegance Beyond Comparison To Ladies?

In the winter season, it is sometimes difficult to carry clothes because of heaviness and number. Moreover, for ladies, it is the most difficult decision to wear such a dress that suits their personality and gives an elegant look. It is not a difficult task to dress up stylishly in winter celebrations. It is the time to enjoy without having sweating, melting makeup just enjoy the crisp, cool air and the pleasant sunshine. Winter is the season when wedding season is at its peak. Although weddings in winter are lovely still it is always tough to shop for a dress to wear. If you are going for an event in winter then it is frustrating to wear a beautiful lehenga or churidar and then wrap it with a shawl or cardigan. Here are the alternatives for your wedding season. Pashmina suit which is a complete dress and need not wear extra clothes with it. It gives you enough warmth to enjoy your party without feeling cold.

Does Pashmina give a more trendy and sophisticated touch to your winter dress?

Certainly yes, the exquisite Pashmina suits come with the latest plan and fashion with different colour combinations. Before getting on with the list of the latest designer winter wear suits of this season let us know little bit historical values of Pashmina fabric. It is made from cashmere wool which is originated and woven in Kashmir, India. This word comes from the Persian term ‘pashmina which means manufactured from woollen stuff. The second name of this fabric in the Kashmiri language is ‘soft gold’

  • It is originated from a special kind of wool that comes from three breeds of Pashmina goats: Kashmir goat, the Chegu and the Nepalese goat. This fabric is used to make suits, shawls and soles. The fine material is hand spun and woven in Nepal and Kashmir.Why Pashmina suits are comfortable and stylish wear in winter?Pashmina is made from goat fur but there is faux pashmina too which is cheaper and is also free from animal cruelty and appealable to even touch. Pashmina suit is now found tailor-made and ready for you in an enormous collection of styles and forms for an occasion. The cloth originated in Kashmir and is manufactured to keep away the cold. Without being too weighty or awkward the smooth material of the suit not only keeps you warm but also gives the stylish feeling of a unique dress. The full-sleeved suit is sure to keep you warm at your event to look splendid. This is the finest variant of Kashmir wool and will give you toasty and exuding a sense of class. It is one of the popular winter suits online for females to attend their winter parties and occasions. Pashmina wool also comes in more breathable silk blends for a more fashionable look. That’s what makes this suit apt for winter wear as well as for all events. If you are the one who is in search of a party wear woollen suit then pashmina has so much to offer you. It completes the Indian ethnic wear without the burden of several shawls and sweaters. With the suit of Pashmina fabric, you can beat the chills while looking as classy as one can in their special celebrations and get together.

How to categorize the counterfeit pashmina from the original one?

While talking about the luxurious winter suit for ladies, Pashmina is the first fabric that comes into your mind.  It is the best way to stay warm along with style wearing Pashmina suits, shawls and stoles as well. Nowadays a garment comes in both original and in fake fabric and it is hard to differentiate with a single look. So it is not an easy task to tell apart a real Pashmina from a forged one. If you are a Pashmina lover then there are certain ways to have an original check of the fabric.

  • Appearance check- The original Pashmina suit must have a matte finish to it to make it fashionable winter wear. A little sheen fabric in the cloth is alright but too much shine is a direct indication that your Pashmina is not real. You can ask for the original one from your vendor.
  • Diameter check- A genuine manufacturer will always mention that the best grade Pashmina is available for 14 – 15 microns. If the number of microns is lower than this then the winter suit will be lighter and soften as well. As a result, you will not get the same warmth and cosiness from the fabric that you are demanding.
  • Bin test- The next check for the pure Pashmina is to do the bin test. It is considered a tough test to perform on your precious Pashmina suit or shawl but this can help you to determine the purity of your product. You can run this test on the outer edge of the dress which would not ruin the design or harm your product. If on burning it gives a burnt hair kind of odour and gives the powdery ash then set assured that it is pure fabric. On the other side if it smells like plastic or catches big flames then unfortunately it is polyester.
  • Rub check- This is most likely the easiest test to conduct for the originality of pashmina. To perform this check rub the fabric to see the sports, if there is no sound of spark came after rubbing it roughly then you could know that your pashmina product is pure. The logic behind this test is that polyester or acrylic fabrics build up static electricity and gives sparks while rubbing.

Since these are the special deluxe fabrics, you have to be very careful while choosing your pure Pashmina. You can buy these winter suits online or look for Pashmina shawls and scarves in diverse online stores. Find what you are looking for and apply certain tests to check their purity and enjoy the fantastic dress,

  • What are the guidelines to get a pure woollen suit for the winter season?India is a country of seasons, if there is scorching hot in summers then winter is also at the peak in October to March. Though this season is enjoyable enough still need to find the more stylish and ethnic wear for the Indian festive season. To help you to buy and to select winter suit for ladies here are some simple guidelines:
    • Pure Pashmina shawls are ranges from 14000 to 50000 INR. If you are getting even cheaper from the garment shop then he must be hiding the purity of his product. Take few tests before buying such a fantabulous fabric material for your wardrobe.
    • Winter and woollen suits are generally soothing and lusterless finish appearance. If the fabric in the market is shiny enough then be sure of its uniqueness before giving the payment for the product.
    • You can check the online stores for your purchase. As the internet has revolutionized the world and one can get their favourites at their doorstep without going anywhere. Moreover in online stores, you can also check the reviews of the customers before purchasing Pashmina suits online.
    • Stoles of Pashmina fabric are approximately half the price of a shawl so be careful of the price while making a deal online and offline as well. This is one of the exclusive products of winters with a spectacular range and stunning weaves.

The legacy of the e-commerce website is defined by its product range. It is recommended to visit the website to check the online rates and read the reviews carefully and then finally make a purchase from online stores.

Which are the best accessories with woollen suits for winter occasions?

Winters are coming so this is the time to upgrade your closet with the latest winter wear for women to refurbish your style. Beat the cold with a more stylish way with the range of woollen wears in this winter season. Check the trending essential woollen wear for this cold season:

  • Stay colourful- this is the time when all winter wear comes in different shades of colours, so it is easy to match the winter clothes with your accessories. For example, bold woollen leggings are in the biggest standout colours and can be worn with Pashmina Kurti.
  • Matching accessories- From pants to dresses, from sweaters to hats, from a two-piece to three-piece suit accessorize the dress with the best options is necessary enough. Winter suits tend to be much more subdued in the colour that comes for the spring or summer season. You can have the same earrings and necklace with winter suits as well.
  • Holiday’s dress- winter also comes with holidays so you must have the winter dress in your suitcase while travelling for a holiday trip. This can be achieved with a nice collection of pashmina wears.
  • No matter the occasion stylish accessories and few other items can give a glamorous look to your winter wear at any event.What are different ways to wear pashmina?When it comes to dressing up in winter it is easy to rely on jeans and sweater combo. But what if you have to attend a party or a winter wedding? Then take a break from this usual winter dress and come online for a look at diverse dresses full of style and fashion. You can look fabulous while staying warm with woollen suits and Pashmina wear. It is just a handwoven fabric to keep you warm in winters in different ways:
    • Wearing Pashmina shawls and stoles are also a decent way to get rid of the cool winters. This is a perfect cloth for gloomy winters and fall days as well. Different ways are there to wear a shawl. The most common and stylish is to place the centre of the shawl on your shoulder and let the rest of the shawl dandle in completely. In this way, you can show off the beautiful shades of your pashmina shawl and suit as well.
    • Pashmina suits give warmth and traditional styling as well. You can wear this suit with diverse embroidery on the neck as well as on the whole front of your suit. This is a Punjabi style salwar suit that looks ethnic and fashionable at the same time. These suits come in many colours and designs. You can choose according to your taste and your occasion to wear.
    • The pashmina can we wore as a muffler with the simple winter suit. It is your choice to wear a woollen three-piece suit or a two-piece salwar kameez with a pashmina muffler around the neck.

Which fabric is suitable for all seasons except winter only?

Apart from being the perfect accompaniment to your winter clothes cabinet the fabric Pashmina is unbelievably soft, popular and comes in drool-worthy forms. If you are one to choose classic with more traditional choices then this is the perfect stuff for you.  However, the suits that are available for today’s trend and full embroidered stylish and more than a pretty look. It is a complete outfit that speaks volumes of decadence. Pashmina is not only functional and fashionable but also comfortable and easy o carry for all ages. You can find designer winter Pashmina suits collections online as well as offline to local vendors. Few of these suits come semi stitched with a sleek straight cut design which gives a lean and slim look to the wearer. Some other winter suit for ladies comes with a neckline and borders of the kameez combination for a different and well-dressed appearance. The combination of salwar suits can be colourful like:

  • Pink and yellow pashmina designer suits
  • Blue and Black Pakistani combination
  • Vibrant colour jacket style salwar suit
  • Purple and red combination of salwar kameez with frilled dupatta

So now you are well informed about the combinations and latest trends in traditional wear of the season, the guidelines to choose the pure fabric and the different places to buy your type. Do not have a second thought and give yourself an elegant look with this woollen 3 piece suit.

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