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When it comes to the wedding of a girl then the first thing is to choose is the wedding dress. Every girl wants to look stunning on her special day of life. The very first choice of bridal dress is the lehenga choli. This is the dress that brides are wearing for the last centuries and gives a traditional and contemporary look. A crop top with lehenga has added a weave to the wedding girl’s wardrobe. This beautiful dress looks traditional, elegant and timeless bridal outfits. Moreover, it is ready-made with the matching dupatta that comes with versatility.  The combination of crop top and lehenga is always on the hit list of nuptials dress designers and they lean to reform them to suit the feel of recent bridal girls. It is for those girls who do not like to wear a long kurta with a lehenga that was in fashion long before. This crop top looks fashionable as well as a traditional bride. You can style the dupatta of the dress in different ways to get that comfortable look for your day.

The fabric used for manufacturing the crop top and lehenga is different for diverse designs. The type of material of the dress depends upon your budget to choose a bridal dress. While selecting a wedding dress there is a lot to think about. Not all wedding dresses are fashioned in the same way. Populace says that the choice of bridal dress does not depend on season, but according to the bridal way of wearing. Some fabrics are there to choose from for the precise seasons of the wedding. Stuff choice at the wedding is very private and varies from girl to girl. Satin and silk is a popular fabric to manufacture crop tops and skirts wholesale that can be styled as per the craze of the latest bridal season. This is well accepted by most of the brides because it falls spectacularly and has a sumptuous appearance. Pure silk satin is also hypoallergenic and breathes well and it is a little expensive too.

Does A Heavy Dupatta With Crop Top Lehenga Can Change The Look Of The Bride?

Dupatta is a piece of cloth that gives the fantastic look to the wearer. At weddings, it is the most important attire to wear. This is in our tradition that covering the head with a dupatta is a way to give respect to the elders; moreover, it is also necessary at the time of any pooja event. The combination of the crop top lehenga with dupatta is always on the essential wedding clothing. For brides who do not like to wear heavy dupattas ritually at their marriage because sometimes it is uncomfortable to handle. Then there are the most outstanding ways to stay put the identical look of a conventional bride. One of the finest qualities of a fashionista is the potential to style one garment in altered ways. They are the position model to show you the altered ways to dress up a style.

Although the crop top lehenga does not need a dupatta if one feels the dress is incomplete without a dupatta then they can wear it in many different ways. An embroidered jacket can also be the alternative to a dupatta where the jacket can be short or floor touching.

Crop top lehenga with heavy dupatta can be styled in a fondness of ways to get an awe-inspiring look according to the occasion. You can style dupatta in numerous ways to get that comfy look for your day.

  • Sare Style dupatta- Tuck the dupatta and wear it over the left shoulder to give the crop top lehenga dress a saree feel and find two outfits at the cost of one. For a look at Gujarati, saree wear dupatta in front as the front pallu of saree.
  • With a cowl gather– This is another style of wearing a dupatta. In this way, you can exhibit your border to maximum effect with a style that generally works with shawls of a lighter material. This can also be used in events like Haldi and Mehendi to keep the dupatta away from your hands.
  • Open drape style- If your dupatta is heavy and pretty enough then open drape is the most excellent style to wear in on the occasion. This is the style when you have a simple crop top with a lehenga.
  • Half saree style of dupatta-If you want to twist the lehenga on its head, then this is the style to go ahead with. This makes the dress a designer party wear dress wholesale. This is also the style for those who want to wear a saree but want to avoid harass of wrapping the whole nine yards cloth.
  • The simplest and graceful way is over one shoulder- Probably the simplest way to wear a dupatta with a crop top lehenga is to drape a shawl on one shoulder. You can bring it forward and pin it on your hip if the dupatta is weighty.
  • Dupatta covering the head and chest– It is time and again considered obligatory to cover your head and in that case, go for a lightweight fabricated dupatta. A favoured style during rituals is when a dupatta covers the head and then is brought over the chest in big pleats. These can be then standing apart after the rituals if you like better that.
  • Shoulder and wrist drape style– By tying dupatta to the wrist; it becomes easy for you to handle the heavy dupatta. Also, this style helps to flaunt your designer crop top wholesale.
  • Jacket style wearing of dupatta– In this style wraps dupatta around your arms and goes fine with slowly worked crop top lehengas. This trend gives a completely contemporary look to the outfit, you can pin the dupatta on the shoulders for easiness of hand movement. This also gives the showing off the crop top.

Is there any difference between a lehenga choli and a crop top lehenga?

The crop top with lehenga is comparatively longer in the length of a choli. For this reason, it is required to wear a dupatta with choli whereas a crop top can be worn without a dupatta too. Crop top lehenga normally comes with a heavy jacket that also gives the feeling of a covering like a dupatta. Moreover, a dupatta-less outfit is easier to get to carry and comfortable in dancing moments. Wedding mates of bridal, as well as groom, prefer to wear this dress because of the easiness to dance well on the floor. Lehenga is the traditional apparel that every woman loves to wear to give an extra charm to the function. It has the perfect flare up and flow to satisfy everyone’s need for a functional dress. But in today’s time, we have come far from looking traditional and want to wear somewhat to praise our body and event’s desires. So, one such blend that is trending now is crop top with lehenga which is a complete designer party wear dress in the wholesale market. It is mingled of choli and a skirt, just in the vein of a normal lehenga but with a western touch. You may set up this dress with a jacket, a dupatta or without a dupatta. This is comfy, easy to handle and can be accepted in festive and wedding seasons. Buy Crop Top Lehenga choli from online or offline stores and attain a traditional look without much endeavour.

Can A Crop Top Lehenga Be A Perfect Gifting Option?

Gifting something useful to your dear ones is always considered the best way to show love and care. When it is an attire item and that is a crop Top lehenga then you will win someone’s heart in one go. You can buy this lehenga dress online for your loved ones and convey a big smile to their face. As per the season and occurrence, you can decide from a wide range of designer crop tops in wholesale. Online shopping has made it easy for everyone to buy a dress. Now even men can shop with an online store and also send this beautiful gift to the desired address. It is easier to visit physically to a shopping store. Search for your choice and size at an online store, pick and choose the piece you like, and place an order. The best part is that you can effortlessly get it exchanged if the receiver has any size or colour concerns. There is no need to visit the market and spend hours searching for the ideal gift when online stores are there to serve you.

What accessories do those go well with crop top with lehenga?

Lehenga is a dress for almost all and sundry. It always gives a striking look to each female apart from the body size and age. The finest part is that the crop top lehenga is easy to couple and classify with any stylish accessories. You can wear such clothing for family functions, birthday parties, festivities, and wedding occasions. Here is little information to accessorize your lehenga dress to make it more significant and eye-catching.

  • Necklace and earrings that match each other: The immensity of the necklace and jewelry depends on the time and the look you want to attain from your outfit. For instance, for a traditional look choose heavy ornaments; and for Indo-western atmosphere choose lightweight jewellery. Also, match your profound neckband with frivolous earrings or vice versa for a balanced look.
  • Bindi: Bindi on the forehead adds force and liveliness to your entire look. It comes with ample sizes and designs in the market stores. You can decide its size depending on your face shape. A tikka or matha Patti also gives the gorgeous look with the designer crop top in wholesale.
  • Bangles or bracelets: Bangles can add on the spot shine to your dress and is the first fashion accessory that somebody will notice in your look. You can choose them in poles apart resources like silver, gold, plastic, copper, glass, and many more. Try to pair them with work on your crop top lehenga to shake the occurrence.
  • Nose loop: If you are the one who is a bride or going to attend a very close wedding then never ignore the nose ring. It can be worn even without a nose stabbing and will immediately make you look eye-catching. This also can be styled with the embroidery on your crop top to make the complete dress a designer party wear dress wholesale.
  • Footwear: If you are looking for the best footwear that goes with your lehenga then lodge heels, pencil heels and block heels look fantabulous. You can prefer the one that seems easy to carry for you with comfort. If you don’t want to wear heels then you can go for Punjabi juttis with crop top lehenga with a dupatta that also gives a desi touch. There is a range of juttis to choose from with your dress type. Punjabi juttis also come with stones and embroidery.

Does a designer crop top with a lehenga is suitable for all celebrations?

Crop top and skirt in wholesale is an outfit that is ideal for numerous occasions like pooja events, festival celebrations, birthday celebrations and also for wedding seasons. So if you are going shopping today to buy an amiable dress for any of your functions then a crop top lehenga must be your foremost favourite. A large range of designer crop top lehengas is obtainable in the market and e-commerce stores as well. Designer lehengas of silk satin fabric are flooded with a surplus of styles to choose from. This is not meant for brides only. The close friends, bride mates and also the relatives wear designer skirts with crop tops for a fantastic look. The texture with which this dress is fabricated is made all around the nation. Yet the silk is striking naturally that is why it is known as the royal Indian silk and has a great look. A crop top with lehenga is a comfy dress material that is extremely rational and will not be hard on your pockets if you choose a simple one without heavy work. If you are planning to wear it at festivals at home celebrations then you can buy a unique crop top and can pair it with the lehenga in your cupboard.

To summarise, the style of crop top lehenga with dupatta, jacket or without dupatta is easily available online and offline bazaars all over India. These dresses are presented in different designs, lengths, heaviness and price ranges. You can select your style and get a just-right fit for yourself without cooperation on a trendy look on occasion.


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